GSAE COVID-19 Resources

GSAE takes the health and safety of our members and attendees seriously. Given the fluid nature of this evolving situation, we urge everyone to utilize reliable sources of information. 

GSAE has released our 2021 calendar. We plan to offer in person and Zoom meetings in 2021, as well as partner with other organizations to widen our educational offerings. Our brilliant folks of GSAE's Pajama Brigade have compiled some useful resources for telecommuters.

  • NEWPost-COVID Return to the Workplace: HR and Office Considerations for AssociationsThe COVID-19 pandemic shut down most nonprofit workplaces in 2020 – with remote work becoming the norm for associations – but as vaccine distribution has become widespread in 2021, many employers are planning their post-pandemic return to the office, especially after Labor Day. This very timely ASA webinar on one of the hottest issues facing the association community will focus on human resource and physical office considerations as many associations plan their return to the workplace. See all of ASA's webinars.

meetings in the time of COVID-19 information

Governmental Regulations & hotel Resources

ppp & sba information

Helpful PPP calculation notes -To calculate the PPP amount (and this will be on your application)
2.5 X the sum of the following:
  1. Monthly Average Gross Payroll (exclude anything above $100,000)
  2. Monthly Average Employer portion of medical
  3. Monthly Average Employer portion of retirement in a 403 B or 401 K– not all will be eligible for this part
  4. Sample Excel calculator sheet courtesy of MISBO