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Preparing For Re-Entry: tips for returning to ‘normal’ life & work - GSAE Pajama Brigade Sponsored - 1 CAE Credit
Thursday, March 18, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Category: SIG Meetings

Preparing For Re-Entry: tips for returning to ‘normal’ life & work
sponsored by gsae 
pajama brigade

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For the past year, we have asked to change how we live, work, socialize and raise our families in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It was a big ask for an important cause, and it hasn’t been easy.

Over this year, you and your organizations have pivoted and worked to serve your constituents while navigating life in what often feels like a completely new world.

With vaccine administration increasing, the CDC has begun to release new guidelines, and this is likely foreshadowing our return to ‘normal’ life and work.

If the thought of returning to ‘normal’ leaves you with mixed emotions and a lot of questions, you aren’t alone.

In this webinar, sponsored by the Pajama Brigade SIG, Life and Leadership Coach, Erin Meadows, IOM, CPC, ELI-MP will walk you through important tips to prepare your organization and yourself for return to life and work after COVID-19.

Speaker: Erin Meadows, CPC, IOM, ELI-MP

Erin Meadows, CPC, IOM, ELI-MP

Erin Meadows is a certified professional coach and leadership consultant who passionately believes three things about high-performing organizations:
  1. They have engaged teams who fully understand - and are invested in – the organization’s mission, vision, values and strategy.
  2. They view and treat their employees as humans first, employees second.
  3. They understand that leaders aren’t born – they are identified, cultivated, developed and supported through their professional careers.

With those beliefs in mind, Erin founded Cause Collaboration, where she spends her days helping organizations and the people in them thrive.

Erin has a unique ability to help others tap into their thinking, feeling, beliefs and motivations in order to create goals and action plans that allow them to move toward success in all areas of their lives, careers and organizations.

Erin’s favorite part of coaching is helping people, teams and organizations achieve things they once thought weren’t possible.

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